A lightweight fixed-gear bike tour of France and Spain

Handmade Foldable Bowl

We have been making many of the camping and cycling related items that we plan on taking on our trip (from stoves to bags, both coming up soon in future posts). To test out our new 2.3 ounce waterproof silicon impregnated nylon fabric that Adie brought back from New York, we decided on an easier project to get used to sewing the material. We had heard of foldable bowls on our favorite bike touring sites and felt we could make just as good a design ourselves, and one that weighed considerably less. We designed our bowl “square bottom stuff sack style.” Although the top was round we found it easier to sew the bottom into an 8” inch square. The bowl was also around 8 inches high.

We used extra bicycle brake cable housing as our structure, it formed a ring around the top that was sewn in (above) and formed a 3 sided bracket that fit into pockets on 2 sides and the bottom of the bowl.

Above the almost finished bottom of the bowl. To make it we folded the fabric in half, sewed the 2 seams and then folded the fabric to make a rhombus. Then we measured and cut along the chalk lines. It’s all explained in the square bottom stuff sack link above.  We attached an opened ended tube across the bottom for the bracket  and then Rob hand sewed the side pockets which took a long time! We then used a mix of silicone seam sealer and white spirit (paint thinner) to seal all the seams along the inside of bag so water wouldn’t get out. we had to do this several times to make sure it was water tight.

Now we have a 7 Liter foldable bowl to store food, wash dishes/laundry etc and it only cost us around $3 -4. If you would like to make one of these or just see the process in greater depth, we plan on writing a detailed how-to on the website instructables.com soon. If you have any questions about this or other projects just post in the comments.


2 responses

  1. michelle

    Did you post the directions for this? I’d love to make some for scouts.

    September 19, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    • hi michelle,
      unfortunately further tests showed that the design really does not work that well. it kept on tipping over. we should have posted an update.
      with a much thicker type of fabric and a much wider bottom it may have worked. if you are interested in this type of design, most of our designs are based on the square bottom stuff sack technique for making bags, you should check out some videos

      September 19, 2011 at 10:03 pm

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