A lightweight fixed-gear bike tour of France and Spain

Chrome Shoes

Who would want chrome plated shoes? We do! Not really. Chrome is a brand based in San Fransisco that makes messenger bags and urban cycling apparel. We will be wearing shoes made by Chrome while cycling (not hiking).  We will be wearing them for a couple of reasons. First of all, they look cool. Rob has these ones, and Adie has these. They are also great for cycling. They were designed with a much stiffer sole than most shoes, which helps transfer power from your legs to the pedals. This also eliminates “pedal hot-spot,”  an uncomfortable burning sensation in the sole of your foot caused by continuous pressure from your pedals. We also got them for free!

Adie had been eying the shoes for a while after they came out, then all of a sudden found out from Rob (and various blogs) that Chrome would be giving out free shoes as a publicity stunt! All you had to do was send in a pair of really beat up old shoes, and they would send you a brand new pair of shoes in your size! Sounded too good to be true, but we both sent off some old shoes. A month later we had heard nothing. Our parents had thought it was a hoax all along, but Adie did some research and found out that Chrome had been swamped with shoes people had sent in, many thousands of pairs, in several full UPS trucks, and were still sorting through all the shoes.

A few weeks later, the shoes arrived, and they have been our go-to cycling shoes for the last year or so.

A beautiful (if slightly muddy) shoe on a beautiful bike


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