A lightweight fixed-gear bike tour of France and Spain

170km from Reims to Troyes

We arrived at 9:00pm in Reims by train on tuesday night and made our way to where we were staying that night. We had arranged a place to stay through Couchsurfing, a website that helps arrange free accommodation on couches around the world. This was our first time couchsurfing and we stayed with a guy named Samy who was really nice.

Early the next morning after eating Pain au chocolat outside the Reims cathedral. We set off through the vineyards of Champage to Eperney. The signs on the fields attributed those vineyard to champagne houses including Moet & Chandon and Vueve Clicquot. We cycled through Epernay, ate lunch next to a church, and with time to spare, made up some of the distance to Troyes. However, the sun in the middle of the afternoon was blindingly hot and the road was hilly and full of large trucks. By evening we got to a small called Vertus and we headed into the hills to find a place to camp. 500 meters we found a turning into the forest. We cooked a dinner of sauted vegtables and rice which was very good and turned in for a surprisingly quiet night.

The forest was actually a dirt bike course, and we left early before any dirt-bikers might show up. We planned to ride all the way to Troyes. We knew it would be a long route and so we wanted to do most of our riding in the morning when it would be cooler. But the day was longer than we expected and we finally arrived in Troyes at and 3:00pm. Or, 4 and a half hours on the bike later and more than 90 kilometers. The road was hot and very straight through long empty fields, although the hills weren’t steep they were long.



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