A lightweight fixed-gear bike tour of France and Spain

Post Trip Analysis: Stuff We Have Lost or Broken

The title says it all. Now that we are home, we are going to write a series of posts about the trip, this once is focusing on the stuff we have lost or broken.

Here is the list:

We lost 4 waterbottles (2 each), Adie’s Swiss Army Knife and Rob lost one sock.

We broke Adie’s wooden front mudguard, 3 sporks (Rob 2, Adie 1), a tent peg, a padlock, a 5 Euro bill (ripped in half) Adie’s iPod and camera (both semi functional but essentially unusable).

The first to go was one of  Adie’s waterbottles. He left it on a train before we had even left England! Other bottles were left at hostels, on top of mountains, and on another train. The fender went very early too, in fact on the first day of riding, Ghent to Brugge. The bolt attaching it to the fork wiggled loose, and then it was run over.

The sporks all met the same fate. They were plastic, and not intended for cooking, it seems. All three broke while stirring food while cooking. One then had to eat with a half-spork, inevitably getting food all over one’s hand. Eventually we both got metal utensils, Adie a spoon, and Rob a fork. The tent peg broke while being forced into concrete-like campsite earth. The padlock had a laughable death for something that is by nature meant to be hard to break. It was fastened to the outside of Rob’s pannier, and as Adie came alongside him, it was brushed by the spokes of his front wheel, and then fell into many pieces.

Adies camera was in a small pouch on the outside of his pannier. One day, we tried to cross a small stream to find a camping spot. Adie went across first, but his wheels slipped on the slick bottom of the stream. He fell in the water, getting a bit wet. All the things in the panniers were fine, but the camera on the outside got very wet. We left it in the sun that day, and by evening it turned on, but would not focus. After two lunch breaks in the hot Spanish sun, it was working fine again. We were very proud. A few days later, Adie dropped the camera. No photos were lost, and the screen still works but it no longer takes pictures (so, semi-functional, but essentially unusable). The iPod, which for the second half of the trip we used to update the blog, was in Adie’s pocket while we were riding around in A Coruna. While biking in circles in a plaza, he fell, and landed on the iPod. The next time he tried to use it, he found that the screen was cracked, but still worked (we have seen that plenty of times with iPod Touches and iPhones). However, it wouldn’t play music, with its own speakers or via headphones. Bummer. Worse still, when trying to write things (like blog posts), it keeps on freezing, so you have to wait about 20 seconds for each letter.



One response

  1. Della Clason Sperling

    How can you possibly every single thing that you had with you?

    Very funny!


    May 29, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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