A lightweight fixed-gear bike tour of France and Spain

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Look at this photo. Can you spot the problem?

How about now?

It's not meant to look like that.

We went for a ride yesterday afternoon. ¬†Early in the ride Adie heard a clicking coming from his pedal, or he thought it was his pedal. A few miles later, at the base of a hill (why is it always bases of hills? That’s exactly where Rob’s frame cracked too) Adie heard a pop, then a crunch. Those are NEVER good sounds to hear on a bike. He looked down, saw that his crank was folded up like a fortune cookie, and descended into a state of shock.

Adie’s dad drove over and picked us up. At 9:00 AM this morning, Adie ordered a new crank-set, to be delivered overnight by courier. The courier bit was because we are leaving early on Saturday morning (today is Thursday) for the continent, and the start of our trip. It’s awful that this happened just two days before we are to leave, but better than two days into the trip!

We’ll keep you updated on developments.